Alianza por la Solidaridad

Alianza por la Solidaridad

Alianza por la Solidaridad was born with the aim of empowering people, their groups and communities to take the reins of their future and be able to transform their societies, correcting root inequalities and in a sustainable way.

We work to defend human rights. To advance societies. To reduce inequalities. To make the world a better place for us and for future generations. We defend a model of cooperation that seeks complex, structural and lasting solutions to problems and inequalities caused by the current system, and that strives to break down actions that generate more poverty or temporary solutions. We have a commitment to the dissemination of truthful information, knowledge and experiences around the themes and causes in which we work. We have a network approach, building alliances and participating in European spaces.

We believe in the power of people and their collectives to change the world. When people organize themselves, they pool their capacities and orient their efforts to transform their societies, correcting root inequalities in a sustainable way, become powerful and produce change.

We believe that all people on the planet must be citizens. We argue with ambition that all human beings have equal value and deserve to enjoy all universal rights that go beyond geographical boundaries and that they must therefore have the legal and social power to demand them both from States and from the international community.

We believe it is our duty to future generations to design a new model of life based on justice and equality and respectful of the planet and its diversity and natural and cultural wealth.

We believe that Solidarity is the main moral and political link on which it is possible to create a global society of citizens that respects its diversity within a common framework of Human Rights.

We believe that the best role that social organizations can play is to be catalysts and mediators of alliances between actors that mobilize resources, knowledge and skills, in order to facilitate the empowerment of citizens and their organizations.

We believe that Learning and knowledge are an essential part of the soul of social organizations and that their placing at the service of social change and the empowerment of people is one of our main functions.

We believe that Transparency and accountability should be the foundation of our organization. Transparency both about the resources and funds we manage and their use. Having our accounts clear and whoever wants to, especially the people and organizations that support us and with whom we collaborate, can know where our resources come from and where they go, in what we use what we receive and why, it is not only a legal and moral obligation, is simply part of our way of being.

All the people who are part of Alianza por la Solidaridad participate in networks, movements and platforms that seek social change in the countries where we work, because combining knowledge and proposals is the best way to build a more just, more sustainable and more egalitarian system; A world where human rights are respected.

In order for the world model that we want to become a reality, our work focuses on local actions that promote changes in the lives of people and the laws that affect them. Our global approach allows us to establish connections between the transformations we help to implement in different parts of the world. We create alliances between people, movements and organizations struggling for the same causes.

The claim of human rights for all people on the planet, without any discrimination, necessarily involves the building of a global citizenship. Thus understood, global citizenship is a process of active transformation, both individual / personal and collective / social, of recovery of the political and public space to require public institutions to recognize and guarantee access to rights, with transparency and accountability towards citizens. To be global, this struggle for rights and for participation in public life has to be carried out in all spaces: local, national, regional and international.

Among the activities we carry on in Spain and Europe, we highlight:

  • Researches on the migration image in autochthonous population and the contributions of migrant population
  • Identification of the migrant population living in Spain and Europe needs, with special attention to migrant women
  • Strengthening the associative fabric of migrant population so that they are protagonists of social change (through training and DEAR tools creation)


Irene Bello Quintana
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