Pilot projects

Define innovative concrete tools for the social and cultural insertion of migrant women at the local level. Realization of videofilm creative workshops as educational instruments and means of acquisition of new competences, to foster a better social and cultural integration of migrant women at the local level.

Organization of 7 audiovisual creative workshops/videofilms gathering migrant women including refugee women benefiting from an international protection, aged between 16 and 5O and living in multicultural districts : Lecce, Lasithi, Maribor, Madrid, Granada, Molenbeek, Hamburg.

These workshops aim at gathering women from different cultures. One of the key objectives is to DE-ISOLATE , to reduce the isolation of these migrant women who are often victims of a double exclusion : because they are women (in a male-dominated society) and also migrants.

Expected results: reduce isolation/separation/partitioning through joint creative workshops : training courses in video cinema constitute an excellent educational tool to facilitate the integration at the local level, in the host society. Belong to a group, a community without being rejected. Workshops will also enable migant women to become active members of the host society, thus increasing their chances of a successful integration in the country where they are living. Separation/partitioning in the urban districts is at the origin of racist behavious and hatred. Intercultural workshops give the possibility to de-isolate, to better know the Other and respect him/her.

Videos of the Pilot Projects:

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