Main activities


Perception Inquiry: how migrant women are perceived by civil society. Distribution of questionnaires in order to better know which image various actors have of migrant women. Inquiry Report.

Preparation of a Draft Local Plan of struggle against discrimination towards migrant women in order to guarantee a better integration in the social life of the host urban district.

Research: Compendium of existing good practices using culture and creativity to facilitate the integration of migrant women at the local level. Analysis and recommendation. Publication.


Pilot Project “Use of cinema/videos as pedagogical instruments for the social integration of migrant women”.

  1. Definition of the methodology of the audiovisual creative workshop specially designed for migrant women including refugees.
  2. Audiovisual creative workshop. In each partner city, setting up of an audiovisual creative workshop on the basis of the methodology proposed. Target population : in each city, a group of 3O women aged from 16 to 5O belonging to different cultures.
  3. Language course as a support to the education and social/cultural integration of migrant women.
  4. Monitoring and assessment of the workshop. Publication and recommendations.

WP3 Targetted information campaigns

Specific videoclips designed to improve the image of migrant women.

Monthly local encounters in specific districts between local actors, the local community, associations, refugee centres including migrant and non-migrant women. Strenghten their active participation.

Infodays in partner cities so as to advertise cultural activities offered to migrant women in different districts.

WP4 Valorization and exploitation

  • Website
  • Production-Publications
  • Documentary film on pilot workshops.